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*victory fanfare* – March/April

Oops! I was super distracted during March with #Marchmeetthemaker. Very glad I finished it but it was a slog by the end. I’ve also spent most of April away on holybobs so haven’t had a chance to look back. But here we gooooo:


Over these past two months I really fell back in love with drawing again. #marchmeetthemaker really got me thinking about what motivates me to create. Its been so mindful to get back into it.

Beads by the Butt Load (100 day project) – Created 9 charms over these 2 months and made them into a few pieces! Sorry for the terrible photo quality but there will be better photos taken soon for the insta! Current total: 26/100


Cross Stitch: Top half of the dragon is all done minus the outlines. Working through the boring ass border and it’ll be time to move onto the 2nd half!20190504_184239

Doodles: Working through the March Meet the Maker prompts made me realise how much I’ve missed drawing and to stop being so scared to pick up a pencil and to draw just for me & not likes! I’ve been trying to fill the rest of my sketch book with as much colour as I can and loving it. Taking the idea of sharing everything out of the equation really helped, and I wasn’t ever going to share anything but I want to keep a log of some of my favs 🙂


  1. Tales of Vesperia (completed):  I did it! After 70 long hours I finished it! As my first intro into the tales of series I really did enjoy it. And after playing the demo 10 years ago, I think it was worth the wait to play it on a switch!
  2. Farcry 5: The far cry series is one of my all time favs! A good mindless, often silly, offline shooter. The villains are always great and I love exploring the worlds. I was really worried about all the changes they’d implemented into this entry such as removing the radio towers, mini map and completely changing the level system. No more experience points but your actions have an impact on the story with the boss rep bar. I thought it was a fresh look into how to progress in a game and I enjoyed it.
  3. Grim Fandango (completed): Well the guide was a good read… I don’t know if I should put this under the reading list instead! Almost every. single. damn. puzzle. in this game I could not figure out and boooooy did I feel stupid. But that aside I loved the premise of the story and fell in love with the characters!

Running: I can really see myself slacking with running with a big decline in progress. Think I need a reset and get back into it for the rest of this month :/ Monthly totals:

  • Jan: 13 runs – 54km – 6hr30min
  • Feb: 9 runs – 37.2Km – 4hr19min
  • Mar: 6 runs – 35.1km – 3hr47min
  • Apr: 5 runs – 21.29km – 2hr06min

Best distance: 22/2/19 – 8.23km – 1hr00min04sec – pace 7:19

Best Pace: 23/1/19 – 5.13km – 35min10sec – pace 6:51

Books: Current count: 7

  1. On the Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher
  2. Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing and Hope by Karamo Brown

Films: current count: 20

  1. Deadpool 2
  2. Captain Marvel
  3. Tag
  4. Tales of Vesperia: The first strike

May: We are already half way through the month but I’m glad I’m still making an effort to write these lil catch ups for myself, like I’ve really noticed how much I’ve declined in efforts to run and my progress in loving doodles again. I’ve made myself a new habit tracker to try and stay creative. Lets go for the rest of May!

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*Victory Fanfare* – February Level Complete

So…Umm…It’s March. How did that happen?! I’ve entered my birthday month with a 4 day (and still going) stomach bug, which accurately depicts how February went for me. I was hardly creative thanks to a total loss of motivation and my life being taken over by watching the first 4 seasons of How To Get Away With Murder! Didn’t touch this blog despite having lots of ideas to write about including, quite ironically, how I stayed motivated in January. I have no idea what happened! I’d like to think March will be a good fresh start but being sick hasn’t helped.


At least the six nations started! Lots of pub trips and so far so good for wales! Lets have a look back and maybe I’ll be surprised what I actually did do!


Beads by the Butt Load (100 day project) – Created 6 charms this month (yes I’m counting pairs as 2 individuals). Spyro is by far my fav. This brings the total up to 16/100.


Cross Stitch – Just a lil progress this month 🙂


I also worked on another painted canvas cross stitch similar to the boo I made last year! I want a little plaque to sit on my crafty table of my logo. This has been soooo much tougher! The squares were so much smaller and harder to punch and not even remotely lined up. Not finished yet but here’s some progress when I stitched down by the river on those crazy sunny days.


Doodles – Last month I started a digital doodle which I haven’t touch since the 5th of feb according to the file details! I think I got sick of looking at it (plus lack of confidence). *sigh* shading is harrrrrd! I’ve been collecting ref images on pinterest but for some reason I can’t get the motivation to sit down and actually try.

feb doodle

Writing – Oh okay! I’ve had this is idea for a setting and characters FOREVER but no story!!! To the point now I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So this month I finally sat down and got some words out. It feels so good to get it out of my head but now it’s out I lost some edge to work on it. At least it’s there if one day I want to return to it 🙂


  1. Tales of Vesperia: Still going…Like with most games I reached 24 hours and needed a break! Happens every damn time. Returned to it a few days ago and it’s been really hard to get back into. I am now at the 30+ hour mark and lost the plot with the story but things are getting interesting. That Manor of the Wicked can go do one! Those repetitive battles!
  2. New Super Mario Bro U Deluxe: We finished it this month with credits rolled. Don’t think we’ll go back and get all the stars. Also won’t be bothering with the Luigi expansion (sorry bud) but I found it too stressful! Haha!
  3. Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Finished this last year but I’ve been having an itch to play a turn based game (plus I miss my bae Rabbid Peach <3). I went back and played the challenges which I don’t think you’re supposed to do when you’re all super powered up haha. A lot of them are pretty easy but I loved being back 🙂
  4. Star Dew Valley: Just when I though I had burned out on star dew when I locked 50 hours back in June…It drew me back in and now I’m at 70+ hours! I reached year 3!! and got married to the lovely Abigail and adopted a piggy!


It was hard to run this month but one of my runs lasted an hour! Proud!:

  • Jan: 13 runs – 54km – 6hr30min
  • Feb: 9 runs – 37.2Km – 4hr19min

Feb PB:

  • Best Distance – 8.23km – 1hr00min01sec – 7:19
  • Best Pace – 5.07km – 34min47sec – 6:51


Trying to read one book a month! Really making the most of the amazon 99p kindle deals. Current count: 4

  1. Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life by Beth Kempton – Was a nice little read with a great message. Will leave you feeling good and wanting to visit Japan even more if you didn’t already
  2. The Paper Magician (The Paper Magician Series, Book 1) by Charlie N. Holmberg – I lost 6 night of sleep to this book! I loved the story, the world, the characters and the writing style. I picked it up in the kindle 99p sale and I regret not picking up the whole series. As soon as I can I’m getting the rest of them! Been a long time since I haven’t been able to put a book down.


current count: 16

  1. Lady Bird – Heard a lot of great things about this film and it gave me a lot of feels! Anything about leaving home for college breaks my lil heart.
  2. Breakfast Club – One of the classics that I have been told I should see! Happy now?! I’ve seen it. I liked it. Lets move on.
  3. Darkest Hours – When I learnt the prosthetic makeup the actor went through to look like Churchill, holy crap!
  4. Girls Trip – Ok I get now why I am seeing Tiffany Haddish every where. What a gem.
  5. Life of the Party – I always get super sad when I see a film has 1-2 stars on NowTV 😦 I wuv Melissa McCarthy and thought the trailer looked good. Gave this a go and was entertained 🙂
  6. Ocean’s 11 – So I never knew there was an apostrophe in the title XD anyway all the films were added to NowTV and we are going to try to watch them all. For the longest time I have mixed up Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock as the same person…oops. Enjoyed it though.


Ok, so when I said I didn’t do a lot…maybe I did 🙂 This is why I am glad I’m doing this journal/round up thing! In march I’m taking part in #MarchMeetTheMaker on insta! Think I’ll do a weekly round up here and maybe go into more detail for some days! hopefully see the blog a bit more soon!

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*Victory Fanfare* – January Level Complete

Here we are! Deep into winter and the new year! One month in and eleven to go. I said before I want to get back into blogging for myself to keep a lil journal of my creativity for the year and my goals.

A lot of my January was spent a bit ill (what’s new?) and getting used to new medication I’m on, as well as settling back into a brand new routine after ending the year with soooo much change! I’m keeping track of my arts, video games, running, books and films so here is a lil round up.


Beads by the butt load (100 day project) – My main goal this year is to make 100 beaded charms which I wrote about [here]. So far I’m off to a good start! I’ve completed 10 charms and as long as I make about 8-9 a month I should be on track. Yay!

I created 10 beads this month but 5 are gifts that I can’t reveal yet 😀

Cross-Stitch – For Christmas I got my first big cross stitch pattern to follow! I’ve usually been against following someone else’s artwork. No judgement on anyone who does! But back when I felt more creative I would prefer to create my own designs. Yet I really wanted one lately for days when I’m not feeling too creative or down on my creativity so I can still make something. Following someone else’s pre-made design means no pressure and I still get to chill out with some stitching. My parents got me this awesome dragon design and I want to see how long it takes to create.

Started on 26th Dec – 1/4 already completed!

Doodles – I struggle so much with drawing. As a kid I LOVED it! But now…I always talk myself out of it. I’ve gone so long not sketching that I just can’t bring myself to pick up a pencil… But another habit I want to get into this year is to just try and draw a little each day.

First time I’ve sketched on my tablet in FOREVER! Hoping to actually finish something!


  1. Tales of Vesperia: I played the demo of this YEARS a go. I never had an Xbox 360 but I played it at someones house and it haunted me! I loved the anime art style and characters. I’d never seen anything like it at the time. Super happy it was re-released for the switch this year! God I love the switch so much!! I’m 15 hours in and ooo boy the wait was worth it.
  2. New Super Mario Bro U Deluxe: Sorry other consoles, but the switch is my baby now! Anyway, I already played this when I bought my WiiU. It’s just a beautiful game but now I am playing it with my partner and seriously, I haven’t laughed this much in a loooong time! So much fun in co-op!


Been sat on my ass a lot and not moving much and I’d love to be able to run 10k again! Running really helps with the depression and anxiety! This month’s total:

  • 13 runs – 54km – 6hr30min
  • Best Distance – 5.6km – 39min24sec – 7:02
  • Best Pace – 5.13km – 35min10sec – 6:51


Trying to read one book a month!

  1. The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health by Emeran Mayer – To help understand my stomach issues a bit more I read this. Very science based and hard to follow at times but I took some interesting things away!
  2. Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D. Burns – Okay, this is my 2nd time reading this…If you have ever felt depressed, anxious, unfocused, sad, grieved, worthless THEN READ THIS!


Trying to watch as many films as I haven’t seen:

  1. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) – My Dad’s fav film we watched over xmas! What a classic
  2. Black Panther (2018) – Loved it!! A marvel film I’d happily watch again and again!
  3. Murder On the Orient Express (2017) – I hate crime/murder mystery/who done it dramas but ooo boy! This was so intense and the twist and turns we’re great.
  4. Mama Mia 2 (2018) – Urg, I wanted to like you…But I left feeling very confused. Why does this sequel exist?
  5. Naked Gun (1988) – One of my partners fav films which had me in stitches! I love films like this.
  6. Casablanca (1942) – Watched this in my film studies class but I just couldn’t remember it… What a classic! Please watch it if you haven’t!
  7. Get Out (2017) – I hear so many great things about this but I’m not a horror fan. However I braved it and WORTH IT! What a thought provoking fillllm! Daniel Kaluuya is just amazing.
  8. Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) – I heard this didn’t do too well? I mean I’m not a huge star wars fan but I enjoy the series…And I thought this was entertaining enough.
  9. The Set Up (2018) – Your typical chick flick! I’m a sucker for them!
  10. Big Trouble In Little China (1986) – It’s a cult but damn it was not for me! Not a fan…

Okay February! Show me what you got!


Making The Most Of A Tiny Craft Space

This is how my space looked in 2018! I love my little blue fold away table – It’s great for the sewing machine

I’ve been living in my flat for 3 years this November. We live in London which means it’s not really a flat…but one room…but we make it work. I’m grateful for the space we have. London is crazy pricey and the first place we lived in wouldn’t even fit my sewing machine. One day I would love my own crafty room but right now I love that I can even have dedicate space in our cosy little room.

Xmas 2018 haul – a butt load more thread, sewing kit, cross stitch, felt, NEW SEWING BOX!

It might not be a studio but we have a coffee table in our room which I’ve claimed for my crafty space. As the years have gone by I’ve picked up new hobbies (hello beading) and each January I find myself reorganising after my lovely family get me new things to look forward to playing with!


So here we go! I wanted to journal my new crafty space for 2019. To start I literally emptied all the boxes and bags I own full of anything I use for creativity. This looks like a huge mess, which it is haha, but I tried to put everything into sections: beads, cross stitch, charms, stationary, paints etc. It was more than I was expecting!

I also only have space for my fabric in one box which is the perfect size to fit under the coffee table but as you can see its overflowing and I really have to stuff it under there 😦 I went to a few craft fairs last year and bought lots of fat quarters. I was also gifted a bunch of beautiful charms which I was so excited by so bought this very extra looking tool box…It felt real nice to get everything out and see what I actually have hiding away in all these boxes. I even found a bunch of paint brushes I didn’t know I had which got me feeling inspired.

So here was the final result! These four boxes were my pride and joy haha! and with a bit of Tetris skills I got everything under the table! Yas!


Moving things around got me feeling super refreshed and ready for the new year! I managed to get all the charms into a box I used to have all my threads in and organised into little baggys. My super extra teal tool box is now FULL of my beads! You have no idea how happy this makes me! Before they were in a tote bag and it was a pain. Now i can just pick this up and get going. Urg I love it! My two sewing boxes are now organised into one for cross stitch thread and the other full of anything else sewing related. Again, it’s so great to have it all in one place. Finally, the fabric box. As this year I’m doing less plushie stuff I bought some vaccum storage bags off amazon in hopes to make more room…It definitely looks a lot neater but still just about over flowing…Guess I better use some of it all up 😀

So now everything is nice and tidy and has its place – Tidy space, tidy mind. Lets get creating!!!!

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Hello 2019! #The100DayProject – Beads by the Butt Load

Haro blog! Happy new year! I’ve only ever posted finished piece here but I’m mixing it up. In 2019 I’m setting myself some obtainable goals and would like to use this space to get my thoughts out.

Near the end of last year I was searching for a smaller craft, something that doesn’t take up too much space or time like my plushies do. I was going to jump back into cross stitch but I ended up going to London Craft Clubs workshop for beaded jewellery and BECAME OBSESSED! Move over X stitch! (I joke, I still love you)

In 2019 I am going to attempt to create 100 beaded charms

I created these in December for practise

Every year I think of possible new years resolutions like: be more creative. Something I’ve been reaching for since I’ve  struggled a lot with motivation and confidence…but simply being “more creative” isn’t really something I can track. To build up this confidence I’m setting myself this challenge! S.M.A.R.T goals yo!

#The100DayProject has always interested me since I started following bookymargoof on instagram but I’ve always found it way too daunting. If you don’t know what it is you can find more info at the100dayproject. Basically it’s an Instagram challenge where participants create something new based on their creative theme or work on something creative for 100 days straight.

Now I know I can’t do this no matter how hard I try! I put way too much pressure on myself and would be way too hard on myself if I missed a day.

So to ease myself in, my take on this will be to create 100 little charms by the end of the year (and if I make more then hell yea!). There are 365 days in the year (well minus 9 now) so I am sure I can do this with a bit of motivation!

I did think if I should create 100 unique designs as I plan to create duplicate charms for some jewellery sets. I worried it might be too easy if I make the same ones a few times but you know what? This is my challenge! While I want to challenge myself I also don’t want it to feel too over worked/stressed. I know my limits and it’s meant to be fun as well as challenging. If I can do this then maybe I’ll set myself more difficult goals in the future.


Here we go! In December I created a few designs, sewed some practise pieces and kept a huge list of things that inspired me. Expect a lot of video game, pop culture and animal inspired pieces.

Wish me luck! x



Crash Bandicoot Plush

The Spyro I made earlier needed a friend so here comes Crash Bandicoot. Crash and Spyro the Dragon on the PS1 were my jam! I am so happy with how this guy turned out! Experimented with simple shapes and I love him! His arms can also move so he can spin into action! Keep reading to see more fun photos and WIPs

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Monokuma Cross Stitched Charms


I got my hands on some plastic acrylic and was feeling some mighty Danganronpa withdrawals. So I made some charms of the ever cute and evil Monokuma! They are on sale in my Etsy! Keep reading to see how they look in different options and a little progress!

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