Game Inspired Plant Plushies!

Hello! It’s been a while! I’ve been working hard on creating a series of plushies based on plant based enemies in Video Games AND OPENING MY ETSY STORE! Each plant is is hand made and stuffed and are currently for sale! Keep reading to see WIPs and which characters inspired me.

plants wip

The goal was to make a big collection of these plants in different colours but I ended up with 5…Which I think is enough! I post a lot of my InstaStories my progress and in between working full time it took me a few months to finish these babies. 

So it’s a little obvious my original inspiration came from the piranha plants from mario bros, especially after seeing Princess Peach’s wedding bouquette in odyssey! I want that thing when i get married XD But there have also been similar plants in other games I’ve loved like Crash Bandicoot, Plant vs Zombies and Pokemon 🙂 Maybe in the future I’ll make other game flowers!








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