Poseable Unicorn Plushie

I discovered a new technique and used a new tool! This unicorn’s legs can move which I was way too excited by. She went through three different iterations so keep on reading to see the disasters that came before her!


I used to get really mad and self conscious when any of my art wouldn’t turn out amazing the first time! Yet i would also preach practice makes perfect. After creating my Rapidash plushie I thought creating another unicorn with a different pattern would be easy. As my Rapidash plushie was purely sewn by hand my goal for this was to try and use my sewing machine.


Prototype 1: I hated the way the shape of the body turned out. It was a lot wider and over stuffed than I expected it to be. The who face was a massive let down for how wide it was.

Prototype 2: In terms of shape this was much better! Slimmer and I used a ladder stitch on the face shape which much easier to shape than trying to use the sewing machine like I did before. This was my also first attempt at using doll needles to create the moving legs! This was a very rough creation as you can see from seeing the felt tip lines and lack of other detail…like a horn!


Yay! After a lot of time and effort I started one more time and we got there! Now that I was happy with the shape I added the tail, mane, a questionably wide horn and some eyes.

Here were the main points a learned:

  • Ears need to be cut out and placed seperatly
  • Adding an extra shape and seam to the nose helps add shape.
  • Less stuffing was needed at the top of the legs to help add the “joint” for the legs
  • Ladder stitch for fiddly shapes is much easier than trying to fit them under the sewing machine
  • Put the close somewhere else (not pictured) but under the butt loots really weird
  • Back legs need much more shape!

Vlog coming soon!


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