Piranha Plant Plushie

Watch out for spikey teethed plants when saving your princess! I always kill plants so I created this one based on Piranha Plants from Mario. Keep reading to see more shots and a time lapse of how I made it…

This plushie was made of felt and was the first plushie I created with my sewing machine. The only parts that were hand sewn were his lips, spots, and leafs. Valentines was coming up so instead of giving roses I figured why not give flowers based on video games flowers!

180px-SSB4TrophyPiranha_PlantThis is my second attempt at creating this character. The first time I didn’t own a sewing machine and it took me over 9 episodes of House. This time, thanks to my sewing machine it took me one night! I was so happy!




Using a blanket stitch I added the lips and spots to give it a bit more detail. I love the way blanket stitch looks for finishing off the edges of felt.



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