Boo Hat

BOO!! A cute little ghost hat to keep your head warm and scare off plumbers! One of my all time favorite video game chatacters: Boo the ghost from Mario. Keep reading to see more shots and how I made it…

BooGI always thought Boo would make a real cute hat! I attempted to make it but man did I learn a lot by what went wrong?

  • It was way too small, even for my tiny head! – add more seam allowence next time!
  • His eyes would look better if placed in the center of the seam line
  • His eyes are way too big compared to his body
  • Arms aren’t cented
  • Arms over stuffed

But hey! With this evaluation at least I know better for next time! I WILL try again. He was made with super soft fleece and his facial features were made with felt. The majority of the construction was created using my sewing machine and the face was sewn on by hand. My next blog post will feature time lapse videos of creating it! So come on back for next time!



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