Boo Cross Stitch on Canvas [Vlog]

Started filming studio vlogs and here is the process of creating my recent mixed media Boo piece! Hope you enjoy!


Woolly Yoshi Painting Time Lapse

I knew this was going to be super fiddly so I filmed the process for a time lapse! This mixed media piece was a gift for my partner as we had a lot of fun playing Yoshi’s Woolly World and want some art to hang up for our future house (one day, haha!)…enjoy!

Woolly Yoshi Woolly Painting


I wanted to make a piece of art work for my partner to hang in our home ūüôā I love working with mixed media so I combined paint and wool to create Woolly Yoshis! I feel it could have turned out better but it was a fun process!

[vlog] Spyro the Dragon Speed Paint

Something a little different and none crafty…but still creative! Last month on my Instagram I did #inktober. While I plan to create a video of all my creations I also did a time lapse/speed paint when I tired to use acrylic paints for the first time in FOREVER! As I’m a total noob I wanted to see how it’d turn out ūüôā Enjoy!

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